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John Hall's Home Page

John Reeves Hall died of cancer September 17th, 2005.


John Reeves Hall died September 17th at 9:40 PM.

John/Reeves and his parents have appreciated your kind and supportive comments.

Joan and George Hall.

John's mother says: We are having Reeves' body cremated and then we have hired a plane, George and I will go up with the pilot and they have a special mechanism to scatter the ashes off the coast of southern CA an area we flew with Reeves many times. We are not having a service.

John journaled his battle with cancer in his weblog War.

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In Memoriam

John's former home page follows.


This is my home page.

My ongoing battle with cancer: War

Photo galleries: AOPA Expo 2004 Photos | Big Bear Snowboarding Photos | X-PRIZE Flight Photos | Homebrew Electric Motor Photos | Flying The Grand Canyon

Noise from my Electribe drum sampler.

In case you need a small bitmapped font for an embedded device: 8x8 Bitmapped Font

Some images of my highly photogenic brain, including a tumor that shouldn't be there. Never fear, we blasted it away with a gamma knife, with no apparent damage.

Speaking of which, I had outpatient brain surgery. Showed up early, had a tumor removed, went home around noon. Will wonders never cease. I am now quite a fan of the gamma knife.

Drug Interactions? Who'd have thought?

Books I've read recently.

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