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September 18, 2005

John Hall died

I just found out that John Hall, one of the guys who worked on Spider-Man with me, died yesterday - his cancer killed him - it came as a shock to me, because everytime I talked to him he seemed to have such faith that he was either out of the woods or he'd get out of the woods soon. 

I've been rereading his blog about cancer - http://overcode.yak.net/3.

For some reason, one of the things that really gets to me is he mentions reading the Harry Potter series and I'm bummed that he'll never get to find out how it ends.  I'm sure that was the last fucking thing on his mind, of all the zillions of things he'll never get to do that was probably pretty low on the list, but there it is.

One thing about John was he kept working, on and off, on Ultimate Spider-Man, during the course of his illness.  How awesome is that?  I'd probably curl up and mope in my home all day.  I hope everybody loves that game just for John's sake:  he could have spent the last years of his life doing other stuff, but he kept working on Ultimate Spider-Man.


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Rest in peace, John.

He sounded like a guy who loved what he did for a living. I'm sorry to hear about his passing.

I think there was an earlier discussion almost philosophical in nature on this very blog about what would you do if? I guess John gave the answer to us all.

RIP hope he continues to play more immortal games beyond the pearly gates

Perhaps someone should post an update to his blog? There seems to be quite a few folks who watch in the comments section and who are wondering about when he is going to post next. I'm not going to do it because I didn't know the guy and overall I'm not even sure if it is a great idea.

This is really sad. A young guy at our studio passed away this week as well. :-( It really puts all your little aches and pains and nuisances into perspective.

I didnt notice the huge blurb at the top. Color me dumb. I do too much skipping.


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