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Brain MRI Images

These images are from my brain MRI on 4/26/05. I converted them from DICOM medical image files from a CD created by the General Electric scanning software using the medcon utility under Linux.

They are interesting because there is a tumor between the right parietal and occipital lobes, on the gray and white matter border. (The right lobes are on the left of these images; the scanner is essentially looking up through my chin.)

I plan to have this tumor roasted with a Gamma Knife soon.

I'm investigating better ways to deal with DICOM image directories. The viewer software supplied by General Electric leaves much to be desired, but this web gallery loses all of the metadata (scan parameters, etc) the original images were tagged with. I believe medcon can extract this data.

Here's a 3D maximum intensity projection rotation of my brain, generated by OsiriX (Quicktime, encoded as MPEG-4): Brain.mov

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