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8x8 Bitmapped Font

I've been needing an 8x8 bitmapped font for Gameboy Advance development. My first thought was to convert an existing font into a suitable bitmap format, but my search for a .fnt (old-style Windows bitmap font file) to image converter was unsuccessful. I did find one utility that converted TrueType fonts into optimally arranged bitmap files, but it was extremely buggy and usually either crashed or generated blank output files. Even if it had worked properly, it is unlikely that any TrueType font would scale well to 8x8. Such a compact font really needs to be hand-pixelled.

So I dusted off my Wacom graphics tablet and made a font. It covers the standard ASCII range (characters 33-126, with blanks for control characters 0-33 and 127).

This font is free to use for any purpose.

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